Bake Sale

The 5th Grade Bake Sale was held this week during conferences. I volunteered to bake for each day of the sale. I was also very tired all week and wound up falling asleep early (when normal people do) and not baking at night as I would have liked. I pulled off baking in the morning before getting ready for work- woohoo! My bake sale contributions:
Day 1- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Day 2- Whoopie Pies
Day 3- Hawaiian Sunshine Cookies
Day 4- Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies
About $600 was raised toward the 5th Grade celebration- yay!


What am I doing?

I am working on starting a new business. This would be my second foray into being an entrepreneur, but it feels like I’m learning everything for the first time. I purchased my domain name a few weeks ago from and am learning the ins and outs of having a webpage. I went with the 3 month commitment in case I didn’t get anything up and running. (This happens when you have kids). You would think that I would be closer to an expert given my current and past experience- NOPE! It’s okay though, I need to be hands-on in order to learn something.

The first question is why? Why now? Why at all? It really started last month. I donated a cake to my school’s benefit. I’ve made several donations in the past, mostly decorated cookies and cakes. Plus I’ve made many cakes for friends, either because I was asked, or I was just inspired by the occasion. Anyway, back to this year’s donation… time and time again, I’ve delivered a beautiful cake, someone has asked for my contact information, and I have nothing to give. I think I saw an episode of Oprah with Josh Groban as the guest. She said something along the lines of “success is 50% luck and 50% being prepared”. It’s my time to be prepared.


Dummy Cakes

I’m going to be making my first dummy cake to bring to events as a prop. I spent $18.48 to buy 6″, 8″, and 10″ dummy cakes yesterday at Candyland Crafts. The Cedar HillĀ Benefit is in two weeks and I’ll need to come up with a design and execute it in the next 10 days or so. I’ll post the progress of the cake. I hope that I can plan it right.